Getting Jack Home

We were sent an inbox from a lady on our group about her friend that had stumbled upon a white cat in her garden in Sheerness.  This lady knows all of the cats in the area and was concerned as she had never seen this cat before. Initially it was believed that the cat may be pregnant as the cats stomach was rather large,  so we rang the lady and organised to go and check for a chip.  The cat was chipped and his name was Jack.  Unfortunately his microchip details were not up to date,  but the finder was more than happy to care for the cat for a few days until we could track his owners down.

A day past and we finally managed to find out where Jack lived,  however he had decided to run out of the finders house.  The owners of Jack explained his story to us.  He had been missing for nearly a year to the day! 

A few days went by and we were losing hope of him coming back to the finders house.  We went looking down the alleys and back streets to maybe catch a glimpse of him,  but we couldn’t see him anywhere.  The finder had a cunning plan and stopped feeding the cats outside for two days,  then called her cats in on the third day.  Jack came bounding over for dinner time and she managed to secure him once again and got in touch.  We raced over there to pick him up but not telling his owners just  incase.  Finally we got Jack into a cat box and rang the owners to let them know we were on our way,  to hear how happy they were over the phone was such a joy. 

Jack however was not happy to be in a cat box and let us know all about it.  




Jack’s owners words were “this is the best Christmas present ever” 


Be safe Mr chunky Jack xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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