Getting Max Home

We were sent an inbox message from a very worried young lady about a cat that was sitting in a very deep puddle shivering and not making any attempts to move away somewhere warmer.  She picked him up and wrapped him up in a towel so we could attend and check for a microchip.


When we arrived we noticed the cat was trembling, had eyes like saucers and wasn’t making any attempts to get away from where we were.  He was not microchipped, so we decided to place him into one of our cat baskets and take him to safety.  We brought him back to headquarters to get him warm and dry and then transported him to an emergency fosterers overnight.  Poor boy just hid the majority of the night and was very timid, but very friendly with the fosterers who gave him some food and a manicure.


This morning someone on our group recognised him and went rushing over to her neighbours house to double check if she had lost her cat.  The owner had been out all morning looking for him and was really worried as he is never normally outside, hence why his behaviour was very strange. So we arranged to pick Max back up and take him back home to his family.

max2Max strolled around very confidently when we took him back home.  His owners assure us that he will be getting microchipped as soon as possible.  Be safe little man.

We would like to thank Sam for picking Max up and looking after him, Shirley and Ken for taking such good care of him and providing a safe, quiet place for Max to rest his head and to Charlotte for thinking quick on her feet and organising with us and the owner. xxx



Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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