Getting Poppet Home

We were alerted from a very worried owner about a cat called Poppet that had gone missing on the 28th of November.  Their cat Poppet was a rescue and had only been in their care for approximately 1 day before she shot out of the front door and vanished.


After a week of spamming social media, leaflets, flyers and knocking doors the owner finally heard word about a cat that was hanging around the back of a fish and chip shop in Rochester, so they went to have a look and sure enough she was there but she was too scared to come close to her.

For the past 2 weeks we have been on the phone to the owner to give her some support as she was beside herself with worry over her newly rescued baby.  We managed to set up a feeding routine with the help of the owner going there herself every single evening to place food down at the same time every night and in the same place so we could set up a trap to contain her and get her home.

Tonight was the planned night to go and set the trap up, we were given permission by the people who run the fish and chip shop to sit and wait quietly (with nuggets and chips of course).  We placed cat food and one of our chicken nuggets in the trap and waited patiently.  Half an hour later BANG!


We went over to the trap and sure enough little Poppet was sat there talking to us, so we placed a blanket over the top of the trap to calm her down and placed her in the car.  We rang the owner straight away to let her know the news and proceeded to take poppet home.

Poppet would not sit still for her photo to be taken as she was so happy to be out of the cold and with human company again.


Poppet will be staying indoors for the foreseeable future until she knows how to get back to her home herself.  Welcome home Poppet xxxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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