Getting Pepsi Home

We received a few tags on Facebook about a cat that was struck by a vehicle on Station Road in Rainham last night,  unfortunately the cat had died from it’s injuries.  A few drivers had stopped after the accident to help but it was too late,  so someone moved the cat off the road to safety and reported to us.

We attended as soon as we could,  however when we arrived the cat wasn’t there.  We spotted a man walking around and asked if he had seen the cat,  fortunately he had already moved the cat to his property to keep safe,  so we asked if we could check for a chip.

The man and his wife were ever so helpful and lead us to where the cat was.  We checked for a chip and the cat was chipped.  Her name was Pepsi and she lived on the same road where the accident had occurred.  Because it was very late there was no answer from either of the phone numbers,  so we knocked on their door.  

Pepsi was reunited with her owners within 10 minutes of checking for a chip.  

Rest In Paws Heaven little darling xxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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