Getting Magnus Home

We were alerted to a cat that had been found in Sittingbourne last night and was taken in by some lovely girls to keep safe as they felt he was lost.

We managed to track down the finders and offered them a chip check.  In the meantime we were trying to match up photos of those missing and found one match of a cat called Magnus.  

After checking the cat for a chip it came up that his name was spanner,  our hopes were dashed but also happy that another cat had been found and was going to be reunited. 


We called the owner on the microchip and they explained that their cat was indeed called Spanner but they didn’t like that name so changed it to Magnus! 

His owners were over the moon that he had been found.  He had been missing for around a month.


Volunteer Sally, Magnus and his mum


Magnus and his furry family

Magnus was reunited within the hour.

Stay safe little man.  

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Magnus Home
  1. Jo says:

    Well done for chip checking.


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