Getting Prince Home

We were tagged on a few Facebook groups about a dog that seemed to be finding himself in different houses throughout the evening in Chatham.



Whilst trying to arrange with each finder so we could attend and check the dog for a chip,  he kept giving everyone the slip.  

After approximately half an hour or so we received an inbox from a woman who explained there was a dog on her doorstep and she couldn’t bring him indoors as she had quite volatile cats that didn’t like dogs.  We arranged to leave immediately to where the dog was so we could check him for a chip.  

We checked him for a chip and he was chipped!  His name was Prince and he was born in 2009,  such a happy boy but very tired from his adventures. 


We then tried to call the phone number on the chip with no luck,  so our next step was to do a quick bit of detective work before going knocking on the last known address.  We managed to find the owner on Facebook, but received no reply, so we all crossed everything that the address on the chip was up to date.

Prince was such a good boy in the car,  he took everything in his stride.


We arrived at the address and pressed the buzzer,  with no reply.  But we noticed the lights were on,  so we gave the window a knock.  One very perplexed man came to the door and asked if he could help us.  We asked him if he had lost his dog and his eyes lit up with joy.  He jump up and down and explained that he had been out looking all day and calling everyone to try and find Prince.  

We escorted him to the car where Prince was and Prince instantly recognised his dad.  The owner went on to explain that Prince is his only companion in this town and how much he had missed him today. What a lovely reunion!


Be safe Prince Charming xxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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