Getting Murphy Home

We received a phone call today about a grey deceased cat that was seen on the A289 heading towards Berwick Way in Gillingham.

We drove up and down the road but couldn’t initially see where the cat was,  so we rang the person back for a few more specifics on where the cat was seen.  We eventually found where the cat was but it was too dangerous to stop as the cat was just around a bend on a slip road heading onto Berwick way.  So we went back around again and parked the car on Upnor Road so we could walk back up to where the cat was. 

After some walking and time we managed to get the cat to safety,  he was a gorgeous grey neutered male Persian.  We checked for a microchip and he was chipped,  but when we ran the number through the databases there seemed to be no owner details held on the chip.  We rang every single vet in and around the area to ask them to run the microchip number through their systems,  there were no matches and no cats were registered with any vet as missing. 

We then wrapped up the cat and gave him one last hug before placing him in our car to keep him safe from the elements. 

After searching online and calling around we then received a screenshot of a post from Facebook about someone looking for their Persian cat.  We rang and explained that we have indeed picked up a cat matching the description.  Everything matched with their missing cat so we proceeded to take him so they can double check he was their cat. 

After viewing the cat we found out that he was indeed their cat Murphy who only went missing in the early hours of the afternoon, he was originally from another country and his microchip details had never been updated to his new address. 


Rest In Paws Heaven little dude xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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