Jonesy’s Story

We were tagged on a facebook group about a cat that had been hanging around and crying outside a family’s home.  The same cat had been reported by a couple of other people in the area.

We arranged to check the cat for a chip and when we arrived we recognised his face,  but we weren’t sure where from.  

He was chipped and his name is Jonesy.  We chipped him back in July! 



We gave his owners a call and they explained that they were on holiday and had someone looking after him and they had seen him,  however we believe that he is really missing his mum and dad so has went on the search for some extra love in the area.


Be safe cheeky boy xxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Jonesy’s Story
  1. Kerrie Fray says:

    I’m so pleased u found out who’s cat this is Tracey because when he turned up at our house (well walked into my kitchen through the window πŸ˜‚) even tho I have 2 cats, but honestly Jonesy is an absolutely lovely cat I couldn’t believe how friendly he was and took a liking to my daughter and her toes 😁. Very happy ending 😸😸😸


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