Getting Storm Home

We received a phone call yesterday from a very worried lady.  She explained that there was a very flighty cat that looked like a kitten constantly trying to get into her home.  We explained that she needed to let the cat indoors so we could attend to check for a microchip.

Today the lady rang back again to let us know that the cat was in her kitchen and seemed really scared.  So we attended as soon as we possibly could to check the cat for a chip. 

Initially the cat hissed and spat at us,  hid under the kitchen cabinet and refused to let us anywhere near her.



 So we pretended to open the door to let her out and she came running over,  so we took that opportunity to quickly run the scanner near her,  it beeped!  

We found that her name was Storm a tortie girl and she was born in 2004, she was also originally a cat from Bredhurst Cats Protection adoption centre.  We tried all of the phone numbers on the chip database with no answer,  so we decided to go and knock at the address that was on the microchip approximately 4 miles away. 

The details were correct and Storm had been missing for just under a month.  She was a house cat and managed to escape one morning when the door was open.  

Storm was reunited within the space of an hour and was straight back to her usual chair that she loves.  



Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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