Getting Merida Home


We received a call about a cat that had been hanging around in a couples garden  for 3 weeks,  they explained that they had refrained from feeding her and she only came out at night to sit by their door.  One of these nights the cat sat and howled outside the door and they became really worried that the cat was lost and so they got in touch with us.


We arranged to attend and check the cat for a chip.  She was chipped,  her name was Merida.  She lived approximately 1.5 miles away from the address on her chip and after calling the numbers on the chip with no answer we decided to go door knocking.  After knocking on the door with no reply we called the finders back up to explain what our next step would be. 

We ran a search on our Facebook group and within minutes we found her lost post!  We then commented to alert the owner but quickly found out that they were on holiday in Turkey until Friday.  So we alerted the finders to the new situation and explained that we could look after her until Friday.  The finders were ever so helpful and we arranged to pick her up when they were free. 

We took her back with us and it became quite apparent see did not like being in the car.  Once we were back home she soon settled in quickly with lots of love,  attention,  treats and a warm bed. 


After being spoiled for a couple of days Merida’s keepers came back from their holiday and we arranged to take her home.  After speaking to her owner we found that Merida is a very clever cat and knows how to open cupboards and doors all on her own,  so she is going to have to have her wits about her to keep her in for the next 3 weeks. 



Be safe Merida xxxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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