Getting Scully Home

We were contacted through our Facebook page about a cat that was found in Cliffe.  The cat was found near a woman’s work and seemed lost so explained that we could come and check for a chip.  She picked him up and placed him in her car,  bearing in mind she had no cat basket.  He just sat on her lap purring and enjoyed the ride.

When she got home she messaged us to let us know he was contained.  We attended and checked him for a chip,  he was chipped,  his name is Scully,  but the details on the chip were registered to London.  So we crossed our fingers and rang the last known phone number on the chip, it rang out with no answer. 


Because the finder had small dogs that stressed the cat out we brought him back with us until we could contact the owner,  it was really late so we assumed that they may be out for the night or in bed. 

After texting,  leaving voicemail and doing our usual pet detective work it was too late in the day,  so we gave him some food,  water and a cosy bed for the night with lots of love and cuddles.  

Today we received a phone call from his keeper explaining that he was indeed from London and that he had been missing for over a month. We don’t know how he managed to get himself all of the way from London to Cliffe in Kent,  but we wanted him to be reunited with his family.  

We arranged with the owner for us to drive him back home,  they agreed.  

Scully is now back home safe where he belongs.  


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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