Getting Mercy Home

We received a phone call earlier today from a concerned couple about a cat that had just turned up and seemed to be lost,the couple tried their best to ignore that cat but she just wouldn’t let up.  We arranged to check for a chip and asked them if they could contain the cat.

When we arrived we could clearly see that this cat has been well looked after and was very affectionate, so we continued to check her for a chip, she was chipped and her name was Mercy.

We tried to call the phone numbers on the database but no answer, so we went and knocked on the last known address, again no answer.  So we left a text message, a voicemail and went searching through our database for any matches online.  Sure enough there was a post with the keepers name explaining that she had lost her baby nearly 2 weeks ago.

The finders were more than happy to keep her safe for a few hours until we did some more digging on finding where her owner was.  After what seemed like forever we received a phone call from a very worried owner and arranged for Mercy to go back home to her family.  We picked Mercy up and took her home around 6pm today, she swanned around the house like she had never been away giving her other furry family member kisses.


Stay Safe little miss xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Mercy Home
  1. Helen & Mike says:

    Hi Mercy,
    We’re glad that you got home safely, with Natasha’s help.
    You are a lovely cat. and we hope that you enjoyed your holiday with us.
    Stay safe, and keep off the railway track. (The third rail is dangerous).
    Take care.
    Helen & Mike


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