Getting Elsa Home

A post was placed on our group this morning about a deceased white cat that was beside a very busy road in Gillingham.  We immediately attended but couldn’t see any sign of the cat as we drove up and down the road.  Approximately 3 hours later the same person explained that the cat was still there and that we were looking up the wrong road, so we set off again to find the cat.

We finally found her, but it was not safe to stop anywhere as it was a dual carriageway, so we drove back around the back in Wainscott as there was a few houses to the left of the busy road.  We parked up and waded through the bushes and trees to get down to where the cat was, wrapped the cat up in a clean towel and waded back up the hill towards the car.  As soon as we got back to the car we checked the cat for a chip, she was chipped and her name was Elsa.

We pulled her details from the database and called the first number on the chip, a man answered and we explained what had happened and that we could bring her home immediately.  On driving back to the address it didn’t occur to us that we already knew this cat and the owner until we pulled up outside.  Elsa was rescued as a kitten by the owner as she was found in the middle of a road really scared and she had lived with her ever since being spoiled and had so much love from them.

Rest In Paws Heaven little darling xxxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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