Getting Dave Home

We received an inbox about a deceased cat that had been involved in a RTA early hours of this morning.  We attended as soon as we possibly could and checked the cat for a chip, he was chipped and his name was Dave.

We tried to call the number held on the microchip, but there was no answer.  So we sent a text message and waited for a few minutes, again no answer.  The address held on the database was only a few minutes drive away, so we wrapped Dave up in a clean towel, gave him a kiss and a cuddle and proceeded to drive to the last known address.  The lady that lived at this address had helped us reunite a deceased cat around a year ago and recognised who were were and why we were there.

Dave was then reunited with his family and they were able to say goodbye.

Rest In Paws Heaven Dave xxxxxxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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6 comments on “Getting Dave Home
  1. Jill Barton says:

    Rip Dave. So sorry Sarah x


  2. RIP Dave well done angels xx


  3. Rest in Paws Heaven Dave ❣ I’m so very sorry, Sarah! x


  4. Well done to our Angels!! ❤️


  5. Sarah Seale says:

    My heart is broken. My children keep asking me to stop crying.
    Having had a hysterectomy my cats were my babies.
    Dave looked very peaceful, as if he was just sleeping. My daughter wanted to get a straw and breathe life into him.
    Lack of funds meant I had to dig a hole, lay him in it and cover him with earth. This made me feel sick.
    We had only been back from holiday for three days, and he meowed and followed me everyhere. He was so pleased to see us.
    The scratches on my arm may fade but my love for him won’t.
    A big thank you to Natasha and the coach driver for bringing Dave home to me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


  6. Sarah says:

    Missing my baby soooo much. Kids want me to stop crying.
    I had no choice but to bury him in the garden. It has broken my heart, putting him in a hole and then having to cover him up. I kept telling him to wake up, he just looked like he was sleeping. My daughter wanted to get a straw and breathe him back to life.
    But I am so grateful to Natasha and the coach driver. Sometimes just saying thank you doesn’t feel good enough. THANK YOU.


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