Getting Lucky Home

We were alerted to a post on a Facebook  page that someone had found a border terrier in Rainham.  We contacted the finder of the dog and explained who we were and that we could offer a free chip check to help find the owner of the lost dog.

The finders agreed and we attended to check the dog.  He was chipped,  his name was Lucky.  

We then proceeded to pull the details from his chip and rang the owners.  Thankfully Lucky’s details were all up to date and the owner answered straight away.  We explained who we were and that Lucky was unharmed and that we could bring him home,  she was over the moon at the news. 

We placed Lucky in the car to take him back home after thanking the finders for taking such great care of him. 


Lucky was so good in the car all the way home.  When we arrived the owner explained how he got his name and that he had to be resuscitated when he was born.  He was certainly lucky tonight having wonderful people look out for him and they kept him safe until an owner was located.  


Be safe Lucky and thank you for the kisses.  Xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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5 comments on “Getting Lucky Home
  1. Love reading these ! Xx hope you got a donation !xxx


  2. And another job well done to all involved – stay safe Lucky x


  3. What a wonderful story. Lucky sounds like he has 9 lives bless him xx


  4. Well done all those involved xx


  5. Sheila Brown says:

    Great stuff , my border is called lucky to ! X


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