Getting Philip Home

We were contacted this evening about a cat that was found deceased in a woman’s back garden in Cliffe Woods.  The occupants hadn’t been home in a few days so they weren’t sure how long the cat had been there for, but they explained they didn’t want to bury the cat and for a possible owner never to know what had happened to their cat.

We left as soon as we could to get to the address and check the cat for a chip.  When we arrived the daughter of the occupant led us around to where the cat was situated,  and we checked for a chip,  he was chipped,  his name was Philip.  Philip was a British blue boy and he was 6 years old.  

It quickly became apparent that the microchip details were not up to date as Philip’s details were still registered down in Basingstoke,  Hampshire.  We continued to call both of the phone numbers on the microchip details,  but no answer. 

So we wrapped Philip up in a clean towel and gave him a kiss and a stroke.  We explained to the finders that we would try our absolute best to find the owner of Philip.  We started knocking doors up and down the street,  however no one had ever seen a grey cat or knew his name or where he may have come from.  

We then started with a more in depth investigation with ringing every vet in and around the area,  placing a post for him on our page and group as well as groups in the Basingstoke area.  We also Google the address and phone number and did a search on Facebook for a name and area of anyone that may have any clue as to who Philip belongs to.  It led us to nothing no matter what we tried.  So in a last ditch attempt we contacted the local cats protection in that area and we managed to find someone to go door knocking to the last known address in Basingstoke.  

In the mean time we had taken Philip to Wigmore Vets in Rainham and explained the situation to them also and gave them all of the details and explained that we would endeavour to find the owner.  

We were sent an inbox from Cats protection in Basingstoke of a potential owner and a phone number!  So after taking a big deep breath and with crossed fingers we called the number and a young woman answered.  We explained who we were and she seemed to know why we were calling as she said “you’ve found Philip haven’t you”.  We explained what had happened to Philip and she also explained that Philip lived with her parents in Cliffe Woods where he was found. She was on holiday in Turkey so she gave us a phone number to call her parents.  

We then rang her parents and explained what had happened and why we were calling.  They had been out searching for days and days for Philip and were so upset with the news that he had passed away.  We gave them the details of where we had taken him and they will be contacting the vets tomorrow. 

Rest In Paws Heaven Philip xxxxxxxx



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2 comments on “Getting Philip Home
  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s so sad but thank goodness they won’t have too keep worrying If I didn’t know where my cat was I would always be looking Thank You to all the people helping in such a sad situation now there’s closure and Phillip can rest in peace x


    • Animalslost says:

      We believe that closure is really important. This is why Animals Lost and Found in Kent began because of the pain of not knowing. It hurts to lose a loved one, but to never know hurts more. Thank you for your comment x


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