Getting Monty Home

A post went onto our facebook group this morning about a spaniel type dog that was running loose near Gillingham train station.


We were already in the process of taking a deceased cat to the vets near that area, so we attended to see if there were any sightings of the dog, we couldn’t see anything at all.

We then received a phone call from a lovely lady called Sue asking us for help as a young man named Sam and his other half had apparently contained a dog and tried to contact the dog warden, but there was no reply.  So with Sue’s help we attended to check the dog for a chip, he was chipped and his name was Monty, a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel originally from Cardiff.  We noticed on his microchip details he was still registered to an address in Cardiff, so we were all hoping that the phone number on the microchip database would work.  The phone number did work, however the family had rehomed Monty some time ago through a rescue in Cardiff and didn’t have any contact details of where Monty ended up after being rehomed.

There wasn’t much more we could do at that time, so we explained to the finder we would place a photo on our facebook group and try and find an owner. We also drove down the roads near the area to see if we could spot anyone looking for a dog also.


After placing Monty’s ad on our facebook page, we received a phone call and numerous inbox messages from different people stating they knew who owned the dog.  We spoke to the potential owner over the phone as asked them if they could send any proof of ownership as the dog had a microchip and wasn’t registered to them.  They immediately sent through lots of photos via inbox to prove that Monty did indeed belong to them.

So we gave Sue a call to explain that the owner had been in touch and that the owner would like us to take the dog home.  The finders had given Monty a lovely bath and had cooled him down from being outside on this very hot, humid day, they also gave him some pampering and cuddles.

We attended to pick up Monty and took him home to his owners who were so very grateful to have Monty back and had missed him dearly.




We then called up Monty’s previous owner who was so pleased to hear that he was safe back home and very much loved by the whole family.  Monty is loved by so many and we feel very privileged to have met him.

We would like to thank Sam and his other half for looking after Monty,  Alastair and his wife Lucy for trying to contain Monty with treats and placing a photo on Facebook to alert people in the area that Monty was running loose, the previous owner for her help over the phone and to Sue for calling us and helping us to get Monty back home. Also not forgetting those that shared Monty’s post and people tagging us to help.  We couldn’t have got Monty back home safe without any of you.


Stay safe Monty xxxx


Please remember to call up your pets microchip database and update your details if your circumstances change.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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6 comments on “Getting Monty Home
  1. I love a happy ending ❣


  2. What a wonderful happy ending for Monty and his family. Without everyone mucking in god knows where poor Monty could have ended up. Well done animal angels xx


  3. Julia Taylor says:

    Hi, I’m Monty’s previous owner, and I was very sad that we had to rehome him a few years ago. He is adorable. In so glad that his owners have him back. If he hadn’t been collected, I would have driven to Kent to bring him back as the other dig he didn’t get on with has since died. I’m really pleased he is back having lots of cuddles Does he still follow you everywhere? Xx


    • Anna Maria Blogg says:

      Must have been very heart breaking for you to re home him. I had to do that with a cairn terrier pup I was given as a gift after one of my Norfolk terriers died. When the cairn got to a year old he stalked the older Norfolk relentlessly almost killing him. Yes it was hard to have to re home him, but sometimes we have to think of the beloved pets too and what is in their best interests. The animal charity who reunited him here in Kent are absolutely amazing the great work that they do every day. They rely sorely on donations. I am pleased that this had a very happy ending, I am sad for you that you had to make that earlier decision. It seems like he has a wonderful new family. I wish you the very best,and am very sorry on the recent sad loss of your beloved pet. There are plenty of dog/cats out there that need a new home, perhaps after you have had time to grieve you may consider that option. All the very best xx


      • Julia Taylor says:

        Thank you for your kind words.
        It was heartbreaking to part with Monty, but you are right, you have to consider the other pets too.
        I’m so glad he is in a loving home. I did have a massive snotty weep when I saw his photo.
        I wish you all the best too. X


  4. Ah, lovely ending ❤️


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