Getting Roger Home

We received a telephone call from a lovely couple in Rochester that had helped us reunite a dog a while ago.  They explained that they had found a yellow labrador walking around on a main street and had crossed quite a busy road.  They called us up and took him home to give him some water as today has been extremely hot and he was looking a little tired from his expedition.

We arrived and checked him for a chip.  He was chipped and his name was Roger. We quickly realised that the address on the chip database wasn’t anywhere near where Roger was found, so with crossed fingers we called up the last known phone number on the database.  We called a couple of times with no luck, so we then sent a text message to the number explaining that we would like to get in touch with Roger’s owner as soon as possible.

We sat for a little while with Roger, who of course knew his name very well and gave us a lot of love after drinking lots of water.


We tried the phone number one more time and someone answered!  We explained who we were and why we were calling.  At first they seemed confused as they did not realise that Roger had even gone missing, they explained that they were painting their house and he must have just sneaked past, naughty Roger.  So after explaining we couldn’t bring him home without an address (as the address wasn’t updated on the database) we placed Roger in the car to take him back home.


It was extremely hot today, so we made sure that Roger was comfortable with placing the air conditioning on in the car. He smiled all the way home.


He greeted his owners with a waggy tail and a very big smile, he was not feeling guilty one bit!


Please update your details on your pets microchip database if you move or change your circumstances.  Also please be aware of where your pet is at all times as they can be very sneaky.  Roger was found wandering 4 miles away from home, it could happen to anyone.

Be safe Roger xxxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Roger Home
  1. I love a happy ending I will always make sure I keep my pets chip details up to date


  2. Big well done to all of you involved in his rescue – he certainly put some miles between his home and where found ! Stay safe Roger ❤️


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