Getting Max Home

We were sent a private message through Facebook about a dog that was running loose in Sevenoaks this evening.  We explained it may take us around 45 minutes to get to where they were,  but the finders were happy to hold the dog and keep him safe until we arrived.

After some time we arrived and checked him for a chip,  he was chipped and his name was Max. 


We pulled the details from the microchip database and rang the phone number registered on the chip,  but there was no answer.  So we asked if the finders could keep the dog with them whilst we knocked on the last known address,  they agreed and we set off to find the address. 

As we drove on the road we saw a man standing looking around the area,  so we asked him if he had lost anything.  He replied “yes,  my dog Max”.  We explained where the dog was and that we were happy to bring him home,  he was so relieved to hear that Max was ok and safe.  

We then returned to where the dog was to take him home and thanked the lovely people for finding him and keeping him safe.  


Max was reunited and his owners were over the moon and will be updating the phone number on the chip (there was a digit missing on the phone number). 

Stay safe Max and thank you for the slobbery kisses xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Max Home
  1. I cant begin to tell you how happy I was to see Max after his little adventure on Wednesday evening, thank you so much for bringing him home. I really cannot sing the praises highly enough for this charity funded organisation, the two girls that bought Max home were so lovely, sorry for getting upset at the time I was just so relieved to see our gorgeous max, long may you continue this very important work, our pets do mean so much to us. Needless to say I will certainly be donating to this charity and I hope others will consider doing the same, tks again girls xxxxx


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