Getting Misty Home

A post went up on our Facebook group about a dog that had been found running in the middle of the road in the Challock/Kennington area.  A lovely young couple picked her up and took her to safety but were going to call the warden on Monday.


We offered a chip check and attended as soon as we possibly could.  The little girl was chipped,  her name was Misty,  a 9 year old jack russel terrier.  She was clearly still a little stressed by the whole situation but relaxed enough for some strokes and love.


We rang the phone number registered on the microchip database,  but there was no answer.  So we sent a text message to the phone number and waited for a few minutes for a reply.  We recieved no reply,  so our next step was to drive to the address registered on the chip.

When we arrived we noticed all of the windows were open in the house and the back gate was wide open also,  we knocked and no answer,  so we knocked again a little louder and the front door swung open.  We called in,  but there was no answer either.  So we knocked on a few neighbours doors to ask them about who lives at the address and one neighbour had said an older couple lived there and they hadn’t been seen for a few days.  This really alarmed us,  so we pulled the front door closed and rang the police.  

Whilst we waited for the police to attend a few boys came down the road on their bikes shouting on Misty.  After asking them if they had lost their dog they told us the colour of her and that they had left the door unlocked to quickly go and look for her.  So we called the police back with the crime reference given to cancel their patrol car and went on our way to go and pick Misty up from the finders house to take her back home.  

She was ever so good in the car and took everything in her stride.  Be safe Misty xxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Misty Home
  1. Thank you very much to everyone involved in bringing my misty back home! Amazing effort, well done x


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