Deceased cat found ***Reunited***

We were sent an inbox via Facebook late last night about a woman that had found what appeared to be the remains of a cat under her decking.  She also explained that her neighbours cat went missing in September 2015. So we arranged to meet up and scan the ground and the remains of the cat just to be sure.

When we arrived this morning her husband had already moved the cat for us,  but we still checked the ground first for a chip,  we couldn’t find one.  Then we went to where the cat was being kept safe and checked every inch of the cats remains for a chip,  at the very last part of the cat the scanner beeped. 

So we ran a search on the database and he was indeed the very same cat that went missing in September.  The neighbour had already warned the possible owner about her discovery just to prepare them incase.

So we knocked on their door and explained to them that it was indeed Twix.  I managed to hold my own until I got back to my car then I broke down in tears.

It just goes to show that even in the condition that the cat was we still managed to find a microchip.

Twix,  missing cat Kent,  found cat Kent,  Reunited cat kent

Rest In Paws Heaven little Twix xxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Deceased cat found ***Reunited***
  1. Rest in paradise beautiful !! 😦 ❤


  2. Sad RIP but at least the owners have closure.


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