Getting Benson Home

We were contacted by a lovely lady via inbox on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.  She explained that there was a cat that had been hanging around every day and she was a little concerned as she had never seen the cat before and he wouldn’t leave no matter how much ignoring she did.

We explained that if she could contain the cat in a room or in a cat box then we would happily come and check the cat for a chip free of charge.  So after a couple of weeks we received another inbox to say the cat was back and she was going to attempt to contain,  so we got ourselves ready to go out and scan.  We checked the cat and he was chipped,  his name was Benson and some of the details on his chip were up to date.

When we rang the phone number registered on the chip and the owners son answered and explained that his mum had gone away for a few days on holiday and that Benson had gone in the huff as his mum went away.

Benson was reunited within 10 minutes and the owners son was asked to let his mum know that some details on the microchip needed updating. 

Stay safe Benson xxxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Benson Home
  1. good news but hope son keeps him in till mum comes back


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