Getting Baxter Home

We were tagged by a few people on a screenshot in a Facebook group this evening.  It was about a dog that had been found in Chatham.  The dog was found on Maidstone Road,  Chatham and the couple that had found the dog knocked on many doors in the street to try and find the owners,  but no such luck.  So they took the dog back to where they lived and placed a post on Facebook to see if anyone could help or if anyone recognised the dog. They also tried to ring the dog warden,  but the offices were closed.


We explained to the finder who we were and how we could help.  They gave us their address and we attended to check the dog for a chip.  The dog was chipped and his name was Baxter.

We promptly rang the owner,  who had been frantically walking the streets and ringing up everyone they could including the microchip database.  We placed Baxter in the car and proceeded to take him home to his family.

Baxter's face when we announced he was going home

Baxter’s face when we announced he was going home

Baxter was ever so good in the car,  then pulled us all the way up the path to where he lived.  His owners were over the moon that he was home safe as they had been really worried.

Stay safe Baxter xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Baxter Home
  1. Brilliant! Thank you yet again for helping you are !


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