Getting Piper Safe

We were tagged on a Facebook post about a cat that had been hit by a vehicle and ran away.  A lovely woman had tried to find the cat and eventually found her laying in someone’s back garden.  So she tried to knock at as many doors as she could before she had to run herself.  After no luck she posted in the hope someone would tag us to respond and get the cat safe.

The man that lived at the address was also stuck as he couldn’t leave his grandchildren to deal with her appropriately.  So we drove over there,  managed to find her and found that she was trying to walk away but had lost the use of her back legs.  We carefully lifted her and placed her in a cat box with some towels.  Before we set off we checked her for a chip and she was chipped,  her name was Piper.

We then rang the owner and explained who we were and what had happened to her and offered to take her and the owner to the vets immediately,  however the owner was at work in London so we asked which vet Piper was registered to.  We proceeded to take her to her own vet to get the emergency treatment she needed.

We have got everything crossed that she survives and whatever has happened to her is treatable.

Be safe little Piper and get better soon.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Getting Piper Safe
  1. How so kind of you all, the owner must be so thankful – get well little Piper


  2. I am Piper’s owner and, yes, I am so very very grateful to Natasha for getting Piper to the vet. It was such a kind and generous selfless thing to do and I will be forever grateful. And thank you to the person who knocked on doors to try to find where Piper lives. The good news is that Piper should be OK. She has a dislocated hip but, miraculously, no internal injuries and no broken bones. She’s coming home to us this evening. She has to stay in a cage for 4 weeks apparently while she heals so we’ve managed to get a dog cage from a relative which will hopefully suffice, although she’s going to be protesting madly I think!! Anyway, me, my husband and our kids are eternally grateful to Animals Lost & Found in Kent for your help.


  3. Lisa Gould says:

    Hope Piper has a speedy recovery xxx well done Natasha! Xx


  4. How wonderful that all of these people working together helped save Piper, and now the owner has her beloved animal home safe. Everyone is happy. Get well soon Piper


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