Getting Willow Safe and Home ***Reunited

On normal occasions we are alerted by members of the public about a lost or found animal, but in this case it’s slightly different.

We were driving home from having a cup of coffee with a friend, when we spotted a grey coloured lurcher running up the middle of a dual carriageway in Gillingham. There were cars swerving to avoid the dog and the dog had no signs of stopping running either.  We were so concerned for the safety of the dog, so we turned the car around and drove towards where we last saw her.  We tried to stop at least 3 times, but she just kept evading us.  A few cars stopped and put on their hazard lights and we sped on up ahead to try and catch up with her.

The last time we stopped there was a queue of cars forming and we had feared the worst, but a lovely man on a motorbike had swerved enough to scare her enough that we could get out of the car and put a slip over her head to keep her steady (we always carry a slip lead in our car luckily).  She was clearly traumatised by the whole thing that she wouldn’t move, so we lifted her up and placed her into the car.  By which time a police van had pulled up behind our car and waved us over to ask if the dog was ours.  We explained who we were and the officer saw the signs on the car and knew who we were who we were. As we were explaining this we noticed blood and explained that we needed to get a hold of the owner and get the dog to safety.


We scanned the dog for a chip in the car and she was chipped, her name was Willow and she was so scared in the back of our car with everything that had happened to her.


We then proceeded to ring the mobile number that was registered on the chip and a very worried man answered the phone, we explained the situation and we proceeded to take her home.  The man was waiting for us near his address clearly concerned, he placed her lead on and she recognised him and got out of the car so we could all check her over properly.  She had two little cuts to the backs of her ankles, but other than that and the fact she had clearly been through a very stressful time she was ok and very happy to see her daddy.  The man was so overwhelmed with joy and explained that she had been chased away by two greyhounds over 2 hours previous.  We offered the owner a lift to the vets, but he had explained that he was heading straight there to take her himself. We got a massive hug from a very teary owner,  that is all of the thanks that we could have ever needed.


Thankfully Willows microchip details were up to date and we could get her home within minutes.

Stay Safe Willow

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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9 comments on “Getting Willow Safe and Home ***Reunited
  1. Norma Ingle says:

    What a lovely thing to do,pity there not more people like you,and this is the importance of glad willow is back home and very pleased for his owner,well done all concerned.


  2. thank goodness a responsible owner glad willow safe and compariifely sound




  4. Ron says:

    Well done girls you are very good xx


  5. Ray FISHER says:

    Thanks to everyone Willow has been to the vets and had treatment for several grazes and shock Natasha did very well to catch her and i cannot thank her enough Ray owner


    • AnimalsLost says:

      Thank you Ray! We were very lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Both Dee and myself are so happy that she is safe back home and that she is ok x


  6. andrew fisher says:

    well done to all involved with finding willow ,shes such a lovely dog ,good to hear she safe and well .


  7. Ray FISHER says:

    Hi Natasha and Dee got jar of coffee ready for you at 2b Willow would like to thank you now she s feeling better x Ray


    • AnimalsLost says:

      Bless you, we will need to make a date to come around and meet her n a more calm environment 🙂 x


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