Getting Shadow Home ***Reunited

We were tagged on a Facebook post about a cat that was found on Carnation Road in Strood.


We attended and checked the cat for a chip but she wasn’t chipped.  She was really scared and clearly traumatised by what had happened to her as she was found up a tree petrified with a large part of her hair missing,  like she had been shaved on her back.


We placed her with emergency foster to keep her safe as the finder couldn’t keep her at their house.  We then set about trying to find her owners.  With having no chip and no collar we knew we would have a large task on our hands.

After Googling,  facebook messaging,  calling around vets and door knocking we finally had a lead from a lovely lady that works in a pharmacy.  The lady from the pharmacy got in touch with the foster carers and she contacted us.  Between us all and the owners sending photographs of their missing cat,  describing how she meows and the very few white hairs she had on her chest we finally had a match!  It has been a very tense couple of days trying to find this little ladies home,  but with great team effort it finally happed this evening.

Shadow has now been microchipped by us and will be able to get home through her chip details in the future,  however we hope she stays safe.



Thank you to the finders of Shadow,  Angie,  Christine and everyone involved with helping us get this stunning girl home safe.  


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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5 comments on “Getting Shadow Home ***Reunited
  1. You guys are beyond amazing! Please keep up the good work, DD


  2. I’m just happy she got home safe


  3. Kelly York says:

    I’m glad she is home safe.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Team ALFK Rock! Xx


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