Getting Dave Home ***Reunited

We were called yesterday by a very concerned woman that had a cat hanging around her property and wouldn’t  leave.  We advised containing the cat so we could check for a chip,  however the finder tried to take the cat to the vets and the vets were closed.  They placed a paper collar on the cat in the hope he would return home and they could find out the cat was owned.  However,  the cat returned again today without the paper collar on.


So the finder contacted us again and we headed straight out to check him for a chip.  We noticed his meow a mile away as a bengal type meow,  such a friendly cat and he was very hungry.  We checked him for a microchip and he was chipped.  So as he ate some food we grabbed our cat carrier and placed him inside whilst we tried to contact the owners held on the chip database.

The first number we rang we got through and found a very tearful owner that had been distraught with worry for around a week trying to find him.  She had been driving around at night,  every night  to try and find him. 

We headed over with Dave back home and what a lovely reunion it was. Everyone was tearful and emotions were high,  including his best cat friend.


Be safe Dave,  and thanks for the cuddles ❤


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Getting Dave Home ***Reunited
  1. Super crew does it againx


  2. Fantastic love happy endings , well done everyone x


  3. Brenda Marsh says:

    What a wonderful end to a traumatic experience.


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