Cat Found After 12 Years Missing

We were contacted by a lady called Hannah who is on a quest to find her own lost cat Teddy. She explained that there is a website call Animal Search UK and there were a few cats found around Kent that haven’t been checked for a microchip,  so we messaged all of the finders of the cats and recieved a message back from an advert that said ‘cat found in barn’.

We exchanged numbers and organised to check for a microchip at a suitable time.  The cat had been living in a woman’s barn for quite  some time and we did not expect the cat to be microchipped at all. To our surprise,  he was chipped.  His name on the microchip details was Brian and he was 15 years old.  The finder of the cat had been calling the cat Farell because she thought he was a feral cat.

So we set about trying to get in touch with the owner and rang the phone numbers on the microchip and went to the last known address on the microchip with no luck.  When we had exhausted all avenues we turned to Google and Facebook and found one person on Facebook with the same second name as the owner in this area and sent a message with crossed fingers.  The woman knew which cat we were speaking about and got in touch with the owner.  We eventually found out that Brian/Farell had been missing for approximately 12 years!

His name was Brian on his microchip details,  however the original owner had been calling him Vichi.

The owner is not able to take the cat back as her circumstances have changed so much in those 12 years that it wouldn’t  be fair to stress him out and move him from where he was happy,  so the finder is happy to take care of him,  the owner is happy for him to be there and he will be spending his retirement in the barn that he has chosen as his new home.  

If this isn’t proof enough that microchipping your animals works,  I don’t know what is.


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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10 comments on “Cat Found After 12 Years Missing
  1. Bev Bagshaw says:

    Microchipping is a great idea. It’s just a shame more ‘finders’ of cats dead or alive don’t take the cats to be checked for chips. It is now almost a year since our cat Mac went missing. We got him as a kitten born at the RSPCA. I’ve Even rung the microchip company who have put a note to contact me if hos chip is detected in the future.


    • val rolph says:

      great idea about note to be contacted note to be informed but I think microchipping should be made law for cats as they have done for dogs in fact all pet animals


  2. Pam Holmes says:

    Nice ending for Brian xxx


  3. Wish I had hAd my boots microchipped x


  4. microchipping is a great idea – but it works even better if people remember to update the chip if they move or change phone numbers


  5. Nice story if a bit sad that his owner cannot have him back. He seems to be happy and well looked after. I truly believe in microchipping. These stories proves it works.


  6. Anonymous says:

    My cat Timmy has been missing for 6 months. He is chipped. I am hoping that we will be reunited with Timmy . We miss him loads and want him back


  7. Yvonne says:

    I wish micro chipping had a tracking system built in, that could be activated when an animal goes missing,it wouldn’t be that hard to do now. My cat is mirco-chipped but when she went missing the people that found her didn’t think to get it checked as not being pet owners and elderly they’d never heard of it, I only found her by distributing nearly 100 missing posters around the area


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