A Bug’s Life (Part Two)

This is the second part of Bug and what happened after we checked her for a microchip and tracked down her owner.  If you missed part one click on the link: A Bug’s Life

Bug was being bullied by her brother in her original home,  so her owner decided it would be best to give her to someone else as she wasn’t eating and she was getting really depressed.  So Bug was rehomed to a family in Gravesend,  to which she wasn’t happy with at all.  She kept escaping and running away.  The final time she ran away was when we picked her up from Newington.  We don’t know exactly how she got from Gravesend to Newington all by herself and she was last seen by her new owners in November last year.

Because Bug was still microchipped to her original owner the decision fell to them in what she wanted to do with Bug.  So she spoke to the new owners and explained that Bug was clearly not happy where she was and that she was going to find another home for her.  

We then spoke to Anim-Mates Rescue and they understood the situation and we all set about trying to find Bug the perfect home.

After a lot of enquiries we all settled on one home that really stuck out to all of us,  but they lived quite a fair distance away from where we were.  A homecheck was carried out and we all kept the original owner included in what was happening so that everyone was happy with what was being decided for her.

This cat has so many people that love her it’s unbelievable!  We transported Bug to her new home and sat for a while to see her reaction to her new home.  Straight up the stairs she went and made herself right at home.

We are so privileged to be part of Bug’s story from beginning to end.  Have a wonderful life in your new home.



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Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “A Bug’s Life (Part Two)
  1. Tony Adamson says:

    We had a very quiet night with Bug and the other 2 cats. She’s eating for England and is settling in well. So glad to have been able to give her a forever home and look forward to updating in the future.


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