Getting Bug Home – A Bug’s Life

We were called out this morning to a beautiful cat that had been hanging around a lovely ladies house called Maggie in Newington. The cat had been sleeping under her table in her garden for a long time and would not leave. Maggie put a post on Facebook yesterday and we arranged to come out at a suitable time to check the cat for a microchip.

We checked the cat and she was chipped! Her name was Bug, a very young snow bengal. We tried the phone number held on file on her chip but no such luck. So we placed Bug into our cat carrier and went to the last known address on her microchip. There was no answer there either, so we left a note through the door and a voicemail and text message on the mobile number that was held on file.

We brought Bug back with us as there wasn’t much else we could do but wait on a response, so we sorted a room up for her.


After some time we recieved a text message from someone explaining that they were the daughter or the owner of Bug and that her mum was at work and will be in touch when she finishes work. Which she did.

When we spoke to the owner she explained that Bug was rehomed by herself as her other cat was making Bug’s life hard at home and picking on her and she had stopped eating properly and was scared, so she found a great home for her where she would be happy in Gravesend.

Unfortunately Bug was not happy at her new home and kept escaping and running away from her new home. The microchip details were never updated to the new owner so Bug kept getting taken back to her original owner. This time the owner explained she wanted Bug to be happy and with how she was behaving she didn’t seem that way at all. So the owner wanted to sign her over to a rescue ANIM-MATES

We spoke to the rescue and explained the situation and Bug was signed over and transported within hours after the phone call with us (with a full belly and lots of cuddles of course).

We will be keeping the original owner updated through the process as much as we possibly can and we are so pleased that the owner chose to be so unselfish and think of Bug’s welfare before her own heart as she loves her so much she wants what’s best for her.

We would like to thank Maggie and her husband (and her friend) for keeping Bug safe and Anim-Mates Rescue for sorting out foster care for Bug so quickly.


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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7 comments on “Getting Bug Home – A Bug’s Life
  1. Tony Adamson says:

    So how do i go about trying to rehome this girl?


  2. I really do hope she finds true happiness in a forever home, I would like to thank you all for helping out Bug. She’s such a precious little soul who will make someone very happy.


  3. Sue Spink says:

    Another great result for a pussy cat.


  4. Rosie Smith says:

    How does one go about asking to be considered as bugs new forever home?


  5. […] This is the second part of Bug and what happened after we checked her for a microchip and tracked down her owner.  If you missed part one click on the link: A Bug’s Life […]


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