Reuniting Millie/Critter (with a twist)

We were called out this evening to check a chip on a found cat that had been hanging around since August 2015.  She was hanging around in their garden with 3 fox cubs, she would share the food left out for them as well as sit with them.  She would come and go everyday, then one day she just stayed there and never left.  The finder of the cat knocked on doors and tried everything to find the owner of this cat that seemed to have adopted them.  She was in a terrible state and needed some help with fleas and she had ear mites. The finder called her Critter.

They kept trying to find her owner and put posts on facebook to which we were tagged in and went to go check her for a chip.  The couple had grown so attached to this cat that they had moved their whole house around for her to be comfortable as she is quite a nervous cat.  We then found out as we scanned her that she was chipped.  We could see the look of heartbreak on the woman’s face as she had grown very attached to the cat and so has her husband.  We proceeded to pull the details from the chip to find her original owner.


The landline was disconnected so we then tried the mobile number, but no answer.  We explained to the finder that we were going to knock at the last known address in the hope that the owner still lived there.  We drove around to the last known address and a young man answered the door, we explained who we were and who we were looking for.  He said that the owners had moved 2 years ago but they did leave a note with a number to call if the cat was ever found.  On a last attempt we sent a text to the mobile number and received a reply straight away saying we had the right person.

As we rang, the woman was in shock and very teary (it made us cry in the car too) and she explained her cat Millie had been missing since 2013!!  We explained the situation and how we came to find her and also how the finder had grown quite attached to the cat.  The owner honestly thought her cat had died as she had previously been in a car accident, we then reassured her that Millie was alive and well.

The owner explained that she had tried to post photos on lost sites and posters up of her missing cat, much to no avail.

Because her circumstances had changed she said it would not be fair to pull Millie away from where she is now to a new house with more cats and another child on the way as she is a very nervous cat.  She asked if we could give the finder her number so she could speak to her.  So, we drove back around to the finder to give them the good news.

We were allowed to sit and listen to the owner and the finder on the phone (and again we welled up with tears) chatting about Millie and how she came to them on that August with the fox cubs and how she went missing from them all those years ago. The owner decided to let the finder keep Millie as she was settled and happy. After a lot of story swapping and chatting they are going to meet up so that they can hand over microchip details and for the old owner to say goodbye to their much loved cat.  We are so grateful to be part of this wonderful experience.

We would like to thank the finder for trusting us and letting us check her for a chip.

p.s please get your animals chipped and keep the details up to date, it makes our job a lot easier to reunite your lost pet.


Never Give Up Hope ❤

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8 comments on “Reuniting Millie/Critter (with a twist)
  1. Dee Potter says:

    Was lovely to be a part of this. Beautiful spoilt lucky girl 🙂


  2. Still can’t believe we sat in the car crying Dee lol.


  3. It was the most exciting and frightening night rolled into one, fist to find out after months of becoming attached to little critter Cat that she was actually chipped and had previous owners and then the fear of giving her up. The girls from Animals Lost and Found were wonderful, they had to worry about both partys and run back and forth to each house to reach a resolution to which all partys were happy. Tears of Joy now, Millie is now Our cat, and renamed Critter cat, Critts for short.. Thank you Thank you Thank you Natasha & Dee for all you done for us. with love to the both of you xxxxxx


  4. What a beautiful story x


  5. Linda Lucas says:

    Well done all of you! Xx


  6. Lucy Harvey says:

    What an emotional rollercoaster. So happy she has found another loving home. Can’t wait to see her in a few days. Called all my family last night everyone was in shock she is loved by so many. Lucky Millie/crits xx


  7. Lucy Harvey says:

    Also Thanks Dee and Natasha. The best phone call I’ve ever had xx


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