Bob Goes Home

We were called out by a lovely lady called Shirley who was out on her bike ride today on London Road,  Rainham.  She saw a deceased cat and got in touch with us right away.

We arrived and scanned the cat for a chip,  and he was chipped.  We learned his name was Bob,  a black and white domestic short hair.  We then took him out of the cold and wrapped him in a towel and took him back to our vehicle.

Thankfully the owners details were up to date and the first number we tried we got straight through.  We didn’t realise that we knew the owner of Bob until they arrived to collect him.  Definitely a hard reunite when you know the owner.

This is proof that microchipping works and can give you closure if anything was to happen to your animal.

Thank you Shirley for letting us know and for waiting for us to arrive.

Rest In Paws heaven Bob x



Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Bob Goes Home
  1. I have 9 cats of my own and would hope that if that happened to one of mine someone would do the same. RIP Bob rainbow bridge gained another little star. Thank you Natasha for what you do x Proof that microchipping is worth its weight in gold. At least there is closure xxx


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