Captain Jack – ***REUNITED***

Yesterday we were asked to chip check a cat that was wandering around in Strood Morrisons car park. When we arrived this gorgeous boy was being cuddled by a lovely lady that waited for an hour for us to get there. We checked the cat for a chip and to our surprise he was. We then rang up the relevant chip company and found his name is Captain Jack.

After ringing the only number that was held on the database and no luck, we drove to Maidstone to the last known address. It was around midnight by the time we got there, we knocked and no reply. Poor Captain Jack crying in a cat basket the whole way there, but also purring as he wasn’t in the cold anymore.

Captain jack cat

We brought Captain Jack home with us as it was very late and there wasn’t much we could do for him at that time of night.  We set up a room for him with food, water, blankets and he was so pleased he even gave us his belly for love and strokes. First thing in the morning we set about tracking his owner down.  We rang up vets from Strood to Maidstone and finally found where he last saw a vet.  After alot of searching we finally found his rightful owner.

We had a call from the owner explaining that Captain Jack had indeed been missing for 4 months and he was sorely missed.  We proceeded to flea and worm him and with his full belly he was so happy.


We took Captain Jack to be reunited with his dad and my oh my what a reunion it was.


We urge you if you have your animal microchipped to please update your details. Captain Jack was very lucky as is his owner.  It makes our job alot easier.  Good luck Captain Jack!!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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3 comments on “Captain Jack – ***REUNITED***
  1. Mandy Minx says:

    Brilliant, I best update mine xx


  2. Heidi Brett says:

    lovely happy ending.
    captain jack and his daddy are so lucky there are such dedicated people like you. some people may have given up after the phone call…..well done


  3. Glad to hear this news, I spoke to you last Sat night great news


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