Gizmo and his journey today

We were called around 3 days ago as there was a ginger and white cat hanging around a woman’s house and he seemed to be there every single day. The woman did not feed the cat and tried to shoo him away, yet he would not go.  We asked the woman if she could contain this cat so we could check him for a chip. It took 3 days to contain him and we recieved a call from a very tired sounding woman saying she has got him and could we come out to check him.

We arrived and he did not look like a stray at all, he looked (and sounded) perfectly healthy. We checked the cat for a microchip and to our delight he was chipped.  We then found out his name was Gizmo and contacted the owner immediately. He only lived in the next street!

We took Gizmo home and found out that he likes being outside (like most cats do) and the owner explained that he indeed comes home for his breakfast and his dinner every day.

The point we are trying to make is that just because a cat hangs about near your property, does not mean that it is lost, most cats like to chance their luck and go to other houses to get more food, even though they have already had some breakfast or dinner. Also putting food outside in your garden attracts these cats and other animals to your property. Luckily Gizmo was chipped and we were able to reunite him with his owner.



Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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